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What Is The Hyperloop?

A few years ago Elon Musk introduced the idea of the Hyperloop – an underground travel system to compete with California’s High Speed Rail.

The concept was that a High Speed Rail is limited by the terrain – and mainly needs equally flat surfaces in order to truly be efficient and reduce risks of faults, slips, earthquakes, or other acts of God.

The Hyperloop would consist of massive tubes which would run the course from Los Angeles to San Francisco. These tubes would carry “passenger pods” at speeds of about 700 – 750 Miles Per Hour: Which would mean a commute which typically takes 5-6 hours would be cut down to about 30 minutes.

It’s estimated a One-Way ticket would cost about $20, but the real financial burden always comes with the design and implementation. Consider the faults in California Musk’s design would have plated sections which would freely move with the Earth to prevent catastrophic failures.

Elon Musk is known as a billionaire entrepreneur and is attached to private companies such as Tesla and SpaceX. There have been over 100 prototype pod designs from over 25 teams.

There is currently a Hyperloop being designed in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be interesting to see how their Hyperloop unfolds and will most likely impact the designs and implementation of the system without our own state of California.