559 Area LCD Repairs – $60 Limited Time!

As you can see I’ve been getting pretty busy developing some of these new sites.
The previous post speaks about http://www.MyFree10.tk which is my website created focused on referring people to Google Checkout.  $10 To You – $10 To Me! Everyone Wins!

And on to the next project. Valley LCD Repair. I chose a Generic name on purpose to make it easier for the web crawlers to pick my site out. The problem though is I am having issues with my domain so I’m currently looking for a new host. Either one of the following links should take you to the destination:

The shop is located in Visalia – but since this is such a hot promotion I am offering it by appointment only! Why? I’m already flooded and backed up on repairs for 3 days – which is great! This allows me to schedule repairs and designate them to a certain part of my day so I can continue to focus on Web Designing, Marketing, and Advertising.

If you’ve got a broken screen of any type – be sure to contact (559) 715-6702 immediately to schedule a quick and easy repair!


Free $10 Google Express Coupon – Potential Wal-Mart Arbitrage / Free Stuff!

Alright so you come across promotions and offers which are too good to be true, so ya skeptics tend to pass them over unless we are presented with a bit of actual Human proof. If you haven’t already – be sure to visit my Referral Page @ http://www.MyFree10.tk !

So what I am presenting today is my methodology to getting 100% FREE PRODUCTS using Google Express Checkout. Yes – You can use this $10 Coupon to any other store, but Wal-Mart seems to have the most practical choices of items under our $4.01 total goal.

Using my Referral Code you will instantly be granted a $10 Google Express Coupon. This can be used at any of the Google Stores, but I’ve found the largest selection to be at Wal-mart.com. And I must be close to a Warehouse because 2 of my orders arrived THE NEXT DAY!

IMG_1957Here was my INITIAL TEST ITEM.


Why $4.01?

Your total for the item(s) chosen need to have a TOTAL of $4.01 or LESS after TAX!

This is because Wal-Mart charges $5.99 Shipping for any orders under $35. So you have two choices:
1) Get any item shipped to you for free which totals $4.01 or less
2) Fill your cart with items $35+ and then get FREE SHIPPING + $10 Off your purchase. This is super effective with VIDEO GAMES!

Here’s some more items! 2 / 1 / 18 + 2 / 2 / 18!


And here’s how my ordering / coupons look!
Attachment0 (1).jpeg

Since I’ve just discovered this awesome Program, I have only made a few orders. But I did develop http://www.MyFree10.tk in order to help promote! You’ll notice it will be updated multiple times during the week as I intend to have orders arrive almost every day 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Start racking up those rewards today!

And of course you can visit my other projects:

Be sure to check out the other Programs I have reviewed – especially if you’re in California and earning less than $2,500 Per Month!

Comcast Essentials – $9.99/mo Internet
Amazon Prime – Free 30 Day Trial
AT&T Access – $4.99 – $9.99 Internet
FreedomPop – $.01 2GB GSM LTE Sim Cards

This blog will be updated again regularly with the NEW Programs I have discovered since dormancy. Be sure to bookmark me!

Attachment0 (1).jpeg

Mac Cleanup Utilities – CleanMyMac 3 Review

I’ve recently made the switch back to Mac OS X (got an excellent deal), so I wanted to stay on top of maintenance this time around. I’m going to be exploring some disk partitioning software and backup solutions as well. I’ve got some drives coming in and will update as I go along. The point is to build a dependable system so I don’t have to worry about restoring every month like I’ve become accustomed to. My setup consists of 2 iMacs currently so I’ll also be covering either Synergy or Sharemouse due to having 3 displays.

After some digging I found a few options but I wanted to cover one specifically, CleanMyMac 3. It has a ton of cleanup tools integrated into it, so there was no need to download a separate Uninstall program – for example.

CleanMyMac 3 offers a Free Trial which is a great way to evaluate how fragmented your files really are. I’m going to use my own iMac which just had Yosemite reinstalled. I wanted to do some cleanup before loading up El Capitan or Sierra.

The graphical interface is what’s really beautiful about the program. Here you see my dashboard. Hard drive and memory upgrades are on the way!

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 6.27.09 PM.png

This is nice because it gives you a quick snapshot of your system and what is currently taking up space. I plan on adding an SSD Drive and then running only my applications from it – and my storage will be an external device which mirrors to a Networked backup.

Another great feature is being able to clean up your memory from the status bar. It’s a wonderful monitor which will let you know when your memory is starting to get low and ends up being very effective especially when editing videos.

Another feature I love is being able to uninstall programs. It has a great uninstaller that will completely clean up the Applications you device to remove.

In conclusion: I’ve tested a few different Applications but this by far is the most functional, beautiful, and effect tool I’ve used. While Apple computers are typically pretty good at keeping themselves clean, sometimes they can use a little extra help with maintenance.

Coming Up: I am currently testing different versions of Mac Hard Drive software, I am looking for a great piece of software which will do:
Scheduled Backups

This is a hefty list – I may need to settle without a few features but I’ll be back with a new review soon!




Synergy by Symless – Controlling More Than One Device

Moving from Windows to Mac I needed a way to control both devices with one set of peripherals as I instantly got tired of switching my USB hub from port to port.. So I looked into a few solutions.

The most popular ones I found seemed to be Synergy and Sharemouse. The difference between the two is ShareMouse offers a trial while Synergy is stictly purchaseware from what I can tell. Try asking them for a 2 week trial – their customer service is outstanding (I’ve already communicated with them) so I’m sure they’d be willing to work with you.
(Thanks again Josh!)

Synergy is going to set you back $19, but consider the capabilities it’s definitely better and more universal than a KVM switch. The ability to connect multiple computers using various operating systems which only need Network Access alone itself is worth the investment. As a technician I’m always switching between multiple computers which are used for certain tasks and now I can have them all on one desk. Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 8.12.58 PM.png

     Setup was a breeze. After logging in you’re taken right to the downloads section and you’re able to choose between OS X, Windows, Linux, and even Red Hat / Fedora!

Once you run Synergy from both computers you’re able to select Server or Client mode.
Your Server is the device in which your mouse and keyboard are connect to.
Your Client is the device which will be controlled by your Server.

I started with designating my Client, as initial install had chosen Server automatically.
From the Server side, this is the Server Configuration you would see after connecting your first client.

You will get a popup on your Client notifying you a device wants to take control. Just accept the inquiry and you’re ready to setup your screens.

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 8.18.29 PM.pngServer is on the left, Client is on the right. This depicts the physical locations.

Not everyone will have the same layout. If your monitors were stacked vertically you would drag them as so:

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 8.22.16 PM.png

     After that you’re done! You’re able to move your mouse freely in between screens/computers very rapidly. 3 of the great features this ability unlocks:

  • Drag and Drop File Sharing – Drag files from one device to another.
  • Shared Clipboard – Copy and Paste between device.
  • Shared Screensaver – Synchronize your screens. AMAZING POSSIBILITIES HERE! 

Visit the Symless Website Here

HP Instant Ink Revisited; 3 Month Review

If you haven’t read my blog on the advantages of HP Instant Ink – Check it Out Here!

HP offers Internet ready printers to be part of a program called Instant Ink. This is great for people who do high volumes of printing, photos, or high quality / colored prints.

For a single fee you’re able to print a set amount of pages – and the great thing is the ability to have rollover pages; any pages unused for the month can be stored.

It also offers iOS / Android apps to print directly from your device or check the status.

The best thing I found about this program was before I even needed to replace my ink I would usually have a new cartridge shipped and received by the time it was needed. The only time I went without ink during my three month period was when I did a massive amount of printing one night and used all of my ink – I had a replacement cartridge within 3 days.

Since the device is connected to the Internet it automatically orders new cartridges for you. I don’t imagine a casual printer ever running out of ink using this program.

You can try it out for 30 days (which I highly recommend!) just to see how it works.

Tip: Sign up for the $9.99 / 300 page trial if you’re good at keeping track of subscriptions, this allows you basically to print 300 pages free of charge AND receive free ink in the process.

If you’re planning on doing a lot of similar prints – also consider printing multiple per page, this way you can maximize your output during your trial.

HP also offers great software for your desktop or laptop which is compatible with Instant Ink. It has great additional features such as being able to scan directly to your computer.

What are you waiting for? Get your free Welcome Kit now!

Brinks Prepaid Mastercard – Free $20 With SignUp

The Promotion

Brinks Prepaid is still offering their $20 bonus which I’ve covered in a previous article. I’d like to remind everyone that this is a great way to earn some free holiday spending money especially with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s right around the corner!

This article explains how to quickly/easily sign up for a Prepaid Debit card and instantly earn a $20 bonus after loading your first $40.
Note: It costs $2.00 – $3.95 to cash load your card – however I’ll show you methods around it to maximize your profit!

For the month of November: I will send a $5.00 bonus to everyone who successfully receives their $20 bonus. Be sure to sign-up with a valid e-mail as this the address I will request your FlashPay ID from. FlashPay allows you to instantly transfer money between any GreenDot account which is pretty awesome in itself – at no charge!

First you’re going to want to sign up for your Brinks Prepaid Card. You can do so by clicking anywhere you see Brinks Prepaid in this article.

You’ll create an account making a username and secure password. After this is complete you’ll instantly have access to a new account ready with a checking and routing number. This can be used for one of the methods below which will be covered shortly.  A new prepaid card will arrive in your mailbox in about 5-7 days.


The card is a great savings/backup account! If you’re already a GreenDot customer you can sign in and transfer money to/from this account.

Payroll and government checks are a great way to fund this card as well.

You have added benefits such as discounts after making purchases, and also an overdraft protection plan which is pretty effective if you have more than one account.

Now to the fun part, loading.

Loading Your Account

The way the referral works is once you load $40 into your Brinks Prepaid account you will receive a $20 bonus. This will end up being only a $16-18 bonus depending on where you load your card if you don’t use the first method mentioned.

Bank Transfer – Free

Since the account is new and you don’t have your card yet – why not link it to an existing account? This will allow you to easily initiate transfer in the future and is a trick to loading your account without those pesky fees. You’ll be instructed on how to link to your account by clicking Move Money -> Bank Transfers from the dashboard.

You’ll verify a deposit or two made into your Brinks Prepaid account and then you can initiate a free transfer of $40 which will arrive in a few days.

Instant Bank Transfer – $1.95

This can be used by using an existing Visa/Mastercard and linking it to your account. A small deposit will be made for verification and then you can go about loading your $40 onto your account. Click Move Money -> Instant Bank Transfers for this option.

Cash Load – $2.00 – $3.95

If you’re unable to load your Brinks Prepaid account with the above options, you’ll be able to visit one of many locations in your area for the deposit. This can be found under Move Money -> Reload Locations. One thing to pay attention here would be the fee amounts.

These range from $2.00 – $3.95. This will help you out by giving you their exact locations and contact information as well.

Other Methods

There are other ways to fund your account, but these three are the simplest and fastest. If you’re unfamiliar with how prepaid cards work this is a great starter card for anyone – especially kids. You can attach additional cards for friends/family to your account or send them your referral code for your bonus!

And that’s all there is to it! Be sure to leave my referral code in the box so we both get our bonus and enjoy your free holiday spending!

Here is the link to my previous blog on this topic. 

Mystery Shop Continued – Applying For jobs

So you’re signed up with Jobslinger, upgraded to Jobslinger+ with your 30 day trial, completed the Recruiterator and setup wizard – Now you’re ready to browse for local shops!

As I began this article I’ve also created a new account. So you’ll be able to see the growth and payouts from beginning to end! No false promises here – if you follow my directions you will make money. 

We’ll start from the Jobslinger Dashboard. After logging in you will be taken to your frontpage. At the top Command Central. There are 2 things to pay attention to here:
Snap-Shops! – Gives a quick view of shops available in your area.
SASSIE MegaLog – Gives you an agenda of upcoming, completed, and shop errors.

The great thing about this is the ability to see any shops currently assigned to you. You can easily click on these shops for more information or view your log to begin preparing your route. We’ll get to that later.


Since we’re just starting I want to begin making money without any initial investments. Note: Most of the shops payout on the 15th of the month following your shops. So most of the shops you see in this article will not be paid until November 15th, 2016. I will definitely be providing an update at this time. This will definitely detour a lot of people wanting to make money right off the bat, however it is perfect for the weekend shopper or traveler who wants to make quick bucks shopping at places they already throw money towards 😉

Let’s View the shops that are <10 Miles from me. You’ll be presented with a similar layout.


I love interacting with associates so I’m open to practically any shop that pays $10+ as long as it’s directly on my existing route or within a shopping center I’m already visiting. If you did 6-7 of these in a day that’s not a bad turnaround – but I prefer going for the $20+ jobs.


I’m going to choose Grocery for Visalia. Click Apply. You will be taken to the new page which has all of the information regarding the shop:
Location, date, instructions, and the ability to request the shop.
Some shops allow Auto-Assign meaning you don’t have to wait for approval.
Avoid these shops until your rating is at least 8.0 or above – you’ll rarely be declined!

In order to keep the information of companies safe I am NOT going to provide any details on location info or exact pay amounts. 



Once you hit apply you’ll be taken to your confirmation page. Since you’ll be recognized as an IC Pro 100 – you have a higher chance of being approved. One effective thing I learned when I first started was I introduced myself to every sheduler from the Shop Comments and explain my previous customer service experience and how eager I was to begin.
I only recommend this if you can create a very efficient and beautiful cover letter and truly present yourself as a stellar shopper. Remember: This IS a job. You are an independent contractor and these people rely on you to keep your appointments! If for any reason you can’t make a date – alert them immediately. You can go to your MegaLog to see which needs to be reschedule and click Details.
If you’re going to use my name as your referral, pleeeeaassseee be a diligent rep! 

So now you’ve submitted for your first job. Congratulations! Now you must wait to be approved for the shop. Since my account is new I let each recruiter know my existing profile had an average 9/10 rating so I was very quickly approved for a few shops.

Once approved jump back to Tools > Megalog.


As you can see I’ve got 6 shops paying me a total of $90 if completed. I’ve removed the company data and pay to avoid possible TOS violations – however the totals should be just fine. This blog will be edited after approval from Jobslinger so I can guarantee I’ve covered the setup properly.

Clicking on the + will give you the information for the shop. Click Details.
You will be taken to your Shopper Log for the company specific to that shop.
Remember: Jobslinger is a database – they connect you to all of the companies looking for shoppers and you’re required to interact with these companies directly. You will rarely deal with JS Customer Service unless you have issues with the website. I wanted to add this because it can be very confusing when starting as a shopper.

status.JPGYour view will obviously show all of the details, I’ve simply removed it for security.
Click CONFIRM! This is required to let the scheduler know you’ve seen the approval.

You will click CONFIRM! then be taken to a second page to confirm the date selected which will update the sheduler.

Click Guidelines -> Download Guidelines. This is the bread and butter of your shop.

From here you will be presented with your scenario and a walkthrough of how to perform the shop. Read this carefully. One thing I always do is save the .PDF or a copy to my desktop which is Synced to DropBox – so I can access the document from anywhere while I’m traveling. For those of you who travel with a portable printer this is a great method in case you forget a Manager / Audit Signature Sheet.

Everyone has different schedules. You may check it in the morning, night, mid-day, randomly, anytime! I personally check my jobs nightly at 9PM to prepare my route for the next day if I have some coming up in my shop log.

I will finish off this section by recommending you apply for 3-5 jobs – and no more! You may get approved for 10 jobs all in the same day while some require specific times – be sure to be mindful of the address and keep a tab open with your favorite Maps program while searching!

Next: Pre-Calls, Pre-Prints, and Pre-Day Prep

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