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Mac Cleanup Utilities – CleanMyMac 3 Review

I’ve recently made the switch back to Mac OS X (got an excellent deal), so I wanted to stay on top of maintenance this time around. I’m going to be exploring some disk partitioning software and backup solutions as well. I’ve got some drives coming in and will update as I go along. The point is to build a dependable system so I don’t have to worry about restoring every month like I’ve become accustomed to. My setup consists of 2 iMacs currently so I’ll also be covering either Synergy or Sharemouse due to having 3 displays.

After some digging I found a few options but I wanted to cover one specifically, CleanMyMac 3. It has a ton of cleanup tools integrated into it, so there was no need to download a separate Uninstall program – for example.

CleanMyMac 3 offers a Free Trial which is a great way to evaluate how fragmented your files really are. I’m going to use my own iMac which just had Yosemite reinstalled. I wanted to do some cleanup before loading up El Capitan or Sierra.

The graphical interface is what’s really beautiful about the program. Here you see my dashboard. Hard drive and memory upgrades are on the way!

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 6.27.09 PM.png

This is nice because it gives you a quick snapshot of your system and what is currently taking up space. I plan on adding an SSD Drive and then running only my applications from it – and my storage will be an external device which mirrors to a Networked backup.

Another great feature is being able to clean up your memory from the status bar. It’s a wonderful monitor which will let you know when your memory is starting to get low and ends up being very effective especially when editing videos.

Another feature I love is being able to uninstall programs. It has a great uninstaller that will completely clean up the Applications you device to remove.

In conclusion: I’ve tested a few different Applications but this by far is the most functional, beautiful, and effect tool I’ve used. While Apple computers are typically pretty good at keeping themselves clean, sometimes they can use a little extra help with maintenance.

Coming Up: I am currently testing different versions of Mac Hard Drive software, I am looking for a great piece of software which will do:
Scheduled Backups

This is a hefty list – I may need to settle without a few features but I’ll be back with a new review soon!




Mystery Shop Continued – Applying For jobs

So you’re signed up with Jobslinger, upgraded to Jobslinger+ with your 30 day trial, completed the Recruiterator and setup wizard – Now you’re ready to browse for local shops!

As I began this article I’ve also created a new account. So you’ll be able to see the growth and payouts from beginning to end! No false promises here – if you follow my directions you will make money. 

We’ll start from the Jobslinger Dashboard. After logging in you will be taken to your frontpage. At the top Command Central. There are 2 things to pay attention to here:
Snap-Shops! – Gives a quick view of shops available in your area.
SASSIE MegaLog – Gives you an agenda of upcoming, completed, and shop errors.

The great thing about this is the ability to see any shops currently assigned to you. You can easily click on these shops for more information or view your log to begin preparing your route. We’ll get to that later.


Since we’re just starting I want to begin making money without any initial investments. Note: Most of the shops payout on the 15th of the month following your shops. So most of the shops you see in this article will not be paid until November 15th, 2016. I will definitely be providing an update at this time. This will definitely detour a lot of people wanting to make money right off the bat, however it is perfect for the weekend shopper or traveler who wants to make quick bucks shopping at places they already throw money towards 😉

Let’s View the shops that are <10 Miles from me. You’ll be presented with a similar layout.


I love interacting with associates so I’m open to practically any shop that pays $10+ as long as it’s directly on my existing route or within a shopping center I’m already visiting. If you did 6-7 of these in a day that’s not a bad turnaround – but I prefer going for the $20+ jobs.


I’m going to choose Grocery for Visalia. Click Apply. You will be taken to the new page which has all of the information regarding the shop:
Location, date, instructions, and the ability to request the shop.
Some shops allow Auto-Assign meaning you don’t have to wait for approval.
Avoid these shops until your rating is at least 8.0 or above – you’ll rarely be declined!

In order to keep the information of companies safe I am NOT going to provide any details on location info or exact pay amounts. 



Once you hit apply you’ll be taken to your confirmation page. Since you’ll be recognized as an IC Pro 100 – you have a higher chance of being approved. One effective thing I learned when I first started was I introduced myself to every sheduler from the Shop Comments and explain my previous customer service experience and how eager I was to begin.
I only recommend this if you can create a very efficient and beautiful cover letter and truly present yourself as a stellar shopper. Remember: This IS a job. You are an independent contractor and these people rely on you to keep your appointments! If for any reason you can’t make a date – alert them immediately. You can go to your MegaLog to see which needs to be reschedule and click Details.
If you’re going to use my name as your referral, pleeeeaassseee be a diligent rep! 

So now you’ve submitted for your first job. Congratulations! Now you must wait to be approved for the shop. Since my account is new I let each recruiter know my existing profile had an average 9/10 rating so I was very quickly approved for a few shops.

Once approved jump back to Tools > Megalog.


As you can see I’ve got 6 shops paying me a total of $90 if completed. I’ve removed the company data and pay to avoid possible TOS violations – however the totals should be just fine. This blog will be edited after approval from Jobslinger so I can guarantee I’ve covered the setup properly.

Clicking on the + will give you the information for the shop. Click Details.
You will be taken to your Shopper Log for the company specific to that shop.
Remember: Jobslinger is a database – they connect you to all of the companies looking for shoppers and you’re required to interact with these companies directly. You will rarely deal with JS Customer Service unless you have issues with the website. I wanted to add this because it can be very confusing when starting as a shopper.

status.JPGYour view will obviously show all of the details, I’ve simply removed it for security.
Click CONFIRM! This is required to let the scheduler know you’ve seen the approval.

You will click CONFIRM! then be taken to a second page to confirm the date selected which will update the sheduler.

Click Guidelines -> Download Guidelines. This is the bread and butter of your shop.

From here you will be presented with your scenario and a walkthrough of how to perform the shop. Read this carefully. One thing I always do is save the .PDF or a copy to my desktop which is Synced to DropBox – so I can access the document from anywhere while I’m traveling. For those of you who travel with a portable printer this is a great method in case you forget a Manager / Audit Signature Sheet.

Everyone has different schedules. You may check it in the morning, night, mid-day, randomly, anytime! I personally check my jobs nightly at 9PM to prepare my route for the next day if I have some coming up in my shop log.

I will finish off this section by recommending you apply for 3-5 jobs – and no more! You may get approved for 10 jobs all in the same day while some require specific times – be sure to be mindful of the address and keep a tab open with your favorite Maps program while searching!

Next: Pre-Calls, Pre-Prints, and Pre-Day Prep

Mystery Shopping – A Complete Guide

     Secret Shopper: a person employed by a manufacturer or retailer to pose as a shopper in order to evaluate the quality of customer service.

Are you interested in visiting some of your favorite stores to evaluate customer service in exchange for reimbursement + pay for your time! Then this is the article for you!

Mystery Shopping is a great part-time project which can easily be done during your regular shopping. The trick is to utilize the tool I’m about to introduce and coordinate your weekend shopping!


  • Reimbursements for oil changes
  • Get paid $20+ for bank audits (pretend to be a new customer)
  • Reimbursements for sunglasses
  • Reimbursements for electronics
  • Sporting goods, World Market, jewelry shops, and more!

A quick run-down of the process is you visit a store and track your location using the Geo-Verify app as well as providing pictures of the business and any materials picked up during your audit. Many require a purchase – however many do not! 
There are many shops which allow you to earn money just by taking notes! Others allow you the opportunity to actually return your product – so you can either keep your purchase or return it to double up!

You’ll want to start by visiting JobSlinger and signing up for a new account. The process is straight-forward so I’ll skip this part. Once you’ve confirmed your e-mail address you will definitely want to take advantage of the 30 Day Jobslinger Plus Trial – this will make coordinating your shops/trips/roadmaps MUCh easier! Also the money made within your first 30 days can easily pay for a year of this service – just follow my directions!

Once you sign up for Plus+ you’ll want to take the tutorial. Take your time and read every aspect and set this part up right. I recommend spending a solid 30-45 minutes on this initial setup – taking time now to properly setup your targets and account info will save valuable time in the future.

You will come to the Setup Wizard which looks like this. You’ll want to really pay attention to the SlingMeMyTargets, and Recruiterator section. This is where you setup your alerts and specify the shops you’re willing to complete. These are the aspects I’m going to focus on.



This is where you’re going to setup your alerts. You have the options for e-mail, text, or both. I have mine set to text me every hour and send e-mails once a day. This is so I can see hourly alerts from anywhere and snag jobs that are highly appealing – and receive 1 daily email with an overall agenda.

Be sure to customize this to your needs. The great thing about new shops is you usually have 3+ days before it actually begins so even though you apply – it may not be required for a few days. This is not always the case – be sure to read entire descriptions!



This is probably the 2nd most important part of organizing your auditing. This is basically a quick overall view of the shops available with filters you designate. I do not know the limit on targets – but I currently have 4 setup. You can see the example below.
1) Set to any shop within 5 miles (for quick bucks/regular shops on daily trips)
2) Set to $20+ shops within 20 miles (2o/20 rule + consideration of adding a shop to local travel)
3) Any shop available within 60 miles (Gives me a view of anything within an hour, spontaneous road trips!)
4) High paying Audits ($50+, usually are video audits)

I’m all for making a quick buck here and there – because at the end of each pay cycle they all add up! These are my preferences because I love to travel and I have seen $200+ shops appear about 120+ miles away which landed perfectly with some of my out of town jobs. A free set of Oakley’s for a 20 minute visit? Sign me up!


Now this is probably the most tedious and lengthy part of your setup. The Recruiterator allows you to quickly sign up for new Secret Shop Companies by inputting your Jobslinger+ data – but as you can see from the list there is a lot! I recommend going through one-by-one and signing up for as many as you can before you get tired of it – be sure to mark where you left off so you can continue in the future. I of course recommend signing up for all of them! This will unlock many more shops and potential earnings. Like I said earlier – a bit of configuration now will save time and effort in the future.

Once you’ve signed up – you’re ready to move on and be presented by a full dashboard which should have a ton of shops in your area. If you live in the larger metro areas you’ll definitely have more shopping opportunities.


After signing up for the new companies you’ll notice a couple items. Some may require you to fill out your Extended Profile or pass tests in the center. You can either knock these out as you sign up – or finish them after you’ve signed up for the companies. Your call! Just remember you may be missing out on some great assignments if you fail to complete these.


Signing up with these providers initially will save you time in the future. When you see the jobs appear on your list you’ll be required to have an account with the provider – you may sign up with them as they pop up however you may miss out on these jobs by taking the time for registration. Preparation is key!

Next: Preparing For Your First Shop

100% Free Web Host – Setup Walkthrough

I had previously mentioned how 000WebHost and how they offer 100% free web hosting which is a huge advantage when it comes to saving on building a brand new domain.

000WebHost offers enough bandwidth and storage to get your new domain up and running. Since I’ve just developed the new Inception build for Kodi, I’m going to be using 000WebHost to setup my new domain. Once it gains more traffic than can be handled, of course a paid solution will come into play. I imagine I will stick with the same host since they offer great hosting packages.

Let’s get started.

I have already purchased my domain for only $1.17 using 1&1 Hosting. It’s a cheap way to get your domain off the ground for it’s first year with an annual renewal afterwards of only $14.99. There are many promotions which change and can save you money for registering 5-10 years at a time but I’ve found this to be the most stable investment. $14.99/yr domain + hosting fees isn’t bad.

You can also use free domain registrations which would look like,,,, or You can view all of these at FreeNom.


Register For Free Hosting

Head over to and you’ll be presented with the sign-up page. Click on the link and fill in your information. I recommend registering with the same e-mail address you purchased your domain name with to make everything easier to find and create folders with your Domain Name which has everything relevant. It’s never fun to go hunting for those login details 3 years down the road when you are 30 websites in.

During registration you’ll want to add your domain name so your account can initiate the setup. There will be some configuration which I’ll walk you through. Finish sign up and confirm your registration e-mail.

You will receive an e-mail confirming your domain details. SAVE THIS! If you have a folder, printer and add this to it. You’ll want to retain this information in your data folder for easily logging in later.


Forward Your Domain Name Servers

After short while Go To CPanel will appear. Click this. You’ll now see all of the settings and options available for your domain. At the very top, click Account Details. This is going to display all of the details contained in your e-mail.


You’re going to notice Nameserver details -> this is what you’re going to need for the next step. Our domain now has to directed towards our 000WebHost servers and – or alternatively you can use the IP Address listed if your Registrar requires.



Now we need to modify your DNS Records from your Domain Registrar (which is where you registered your domain). Login to your Registrar in another tab and navigate to Edit DNS Settings, Domain Name Server Settings, or something similar – if you’re having trouble finding this do a quick Google. You’re looking for the location of where to point your Domain’s host in another direction which is to 000WebHost. This is an example of what it would look like from 1&1.


As previously mentioned the purpose of this is to tell the people who you’ve registered your domain with is you want to point the name’s hosting server to another location. In this case we’re telling 1&1’s registered domain to point to 000WebHost. This step can take up to 48 hours to completely reflect the changes, but in the meantime we can setup a few other things. From personal experience by the time I finish these steps my host is ready for me to upload my brand new website.

Register For Free E-Mail

This step is in case you don’t have an e-mail plan already purchased through your domain registrar. Many companies allow 1 free e-mail address, but Zoho CRM offers 25!
You also get MANY great applications which you can use with your business and keeping track of clients, appointments, receipts, and more.


Head over to Zoho CRM and choose Business Email and the most basic plan and move forward with your registration. You’re going to want to sign up using your domain!
Again I recommend using the e-mail address you used to register your domain. If you have already been using domain e-mail you can take the risk and follow the next directions on creating the same e-mail with Zoho and Modifying the MX Records to point your e-mail servers towards the new host. If you’re following from scratch – let’s move on!
During registration I used my already created with 1&1 Hosting and has been used with previous information – but that’s no problem since I’m transferring the servers over anyways. If you’ve done the same – enter this as your Administrator Account, otherwise just create a new one like Info or Help.


Zoho Verification

After clicking setup you’ll be introduced to the DNS Verification Screen.
It’s going to ask you to verify via CNAME, TXT, or HTML.

I like to use the HTML Method. I can see that now my host is ready for me to uploading files. Simply download the verifyforzoho.html file and save it to your Desktop or somewhere you can easily find it (it may automatically go to your Downloads folder).

On your 000WebHost Window click on FTP Details in CPanel. This will show your username by you’ll want to change the password to something secure. Save this as you’ll need it for the next step.


Back to CPanel click on File Manager. Login using your details from the last two steps and click on the public_html folder. This is where you’ll be uploading your website files and where your home/index.html file will reside.


Above your file structure click New dir -> zohoverify -> Green Arrow -> Blue Arrow


Click new folder zohoverify.

Click Upload just above your file structure in this next screen -> Choose File -> verifyzoho.html -> Click the green check mark

Now if click the blue back arrow you can now see verifyzoho.html is in your root directory. You can even enter its’ URL and a blank page will load indicating it is live.

Go back to Zoho and click the Verify by HTML button. You’ll be asked to confirm your account.


I do these steps in this order because transferring your domain to the new Name Servers is the most difficult part of setting up a new host. Usually it is very fast as I’ve completed these steps as this article is being written. Once you’ve verified with Zoho I recommend skipping the adding users for now so we can get everything fully configured first.

Zoho Configuration

Upon the Configure Email Delivery screen you’re going to want to copy the Address of the new zoho MX Records to 000WebHost. I hope you’ve been keeping CPanel open!

At 000WebHost click Modify MX Record and enter -> Update



Zoho -> Click Next. Now we can migrate e-mal over. IMAP is fast and what I prefer. Normally I would forward over my few e-mails from my previous account, but for demonstration purposes we’ll go fetch them from 1&1.

Your e-mail provider will have the required information for this step. For me I simply logged into 1&1 and went to my IMAP settings to retrieve this.

Migrate -> Enter details -> Add Migration -> Click Your Migration Name -> Add Your Previous E-mail details and destination -> Add -> Click X -> Migration Status -> Start

Mail Client Configuration

Depending on where you want to access your e-mails you may want to keep this page open in a separate tab. Remember to use the following information during setup! You’re using the business server – not the personal one.

Incoming Server Settings: (Organization Users with domain based email

Incoming Server Name:
Port: 993
Require SSL: Yes
Username : 

Outgoing Server Settings: 

Outgoing Server Name:
Port: 465 with SSL or
Port: 587 with TLS
Require Authentication: Yes

During setup you’ll need to select SSL Enabled or ON in many apps – double check this.

You are now able to send and receive e-mails using the Zoho Platform!

If you’ve followed this far – 000Webhost is now your host, Zoho is your e-mail provider.
You’ll have a Registrar, Host, and e-Mail provider. The registrar is the primary thing to worry about now so your domain is always active. Be sure to update your website and use e-mail regularly with the other providers and you shouldn’t have any issues.

Since many do not require a heavy traffic load or more than 5 e-mails, these solutions are a great cost saver. It does require the initial configuration but once you’ve gotten through it the rest is easily managed. As an added bonus, we’ll walk you through uploading your website to your 000WebHost domain using FileZilla.

FTP Configuration (FileZilla)

When you go to the FileZilla website you’re going to want FileZilla Client. You’d want Server if you planned on hosting files that others can access – we can do that another time.
Run through the simple install, we’ll add our website at launch. Open the program.
If you need help installing, click here. Any FTP client will work and the setup process is relatively the same across all platforms. This guide will give you a general idea of how to get your connecting going.

000WebHost – Go to your CPanel -> FTP Details -> Recover your Username

At the top click File -> Site Manager -> New Site -> Enter your details as pictured
You will enter ftp.yourdomainurl as Host with Port: 21 – Logon Type Normal


Click Connect. You should see something that looks like this:

You will want to double-click public_html. This is where your index.hrml file goes.

And that’s it! You have now invested $1.17 into a YourDomain, received free hosting and 25 business e-mails – now all you need is to upload a website or contact us to have one designed!

Visit for more information! We’ve also launched our new site as mentioned with this tutorial @

Good luck 🙂

Bing Rewards – Free Gift Cards & More!

XBOX Live will typically run you either $9.99 per month, or $49.99 per year. Of course there are other options such as the 3 month, but ultimately you’re still spending money to stay subscribed to your XBOX Live Services.

How would you like to utilize the XBOX Live Service completely free of charge? Maybe XBOX Live isn’t your thing and you’re more interested in receiving Gift Cards for various programs such as Groove Music, Burger King, Fandango, Hulu, Skype Credits, and more!

Bing Rewards has a nice program which exchanges daily Bing Searches and Activities for points. At first you’ll start slow, but the real rewards come when you hit Gold Status and begin receiving discounts off the overall price of your chosenReward You can also rack up points if you’re into Affiliate Marketing! Just place your Bing Rewards link on your blog, website, etc and you’ll earn 50 Points each time someone reaches Silver Status. You can even play Scratch & Win games are use your credits to be entered into drawings for great prizes. I personally just use this as a way to save myself an XBOX Live Subscription, but that’s just me!


You receive 15 Credits daily for desktop searches, and 10 daily for using your mobile device. Each day there are a few extra ways to earn credits by completing a quiz or opening up Microsoft Edge to view more offers. The method I use is to initially load Bing Rewards using Chrome so it bugs me to explore using Microsoft Edge. I usually get about 19-24 points a day. Once you hit gold status all of these add up at the end of your month and you’re able to cash out for your chosen Reward.

Here are the current rewards available as of 3/9/16:

  • Groove Music Pass
  • Microsoft Apparel and Gifts
  • Windows Store Gift Card
  • XBOX Digital Gift Card (Excellent if you want to save your points up and get free games!)
  • XBOX Live Gold Membership
  • Windows Store Credit for Songs / Movies / Apps
  • Discounts at the Microsoft Store
  • Starbucks
  • Toys R Us
  • Fandango
  • Zephora
  • GameStop
  • Macy’y
  • Hulu

You may also opt in to donate to Boys and Girls Clubs America or Teach For America. All of these items vary in the amount of credits needed, but it literally takes less than 3-5 minutes per day to complete the task and once they start rolling in you’ll be hungry for me! Inviting others is a great way to earn more but is limited currently to only 250 Rewards Credits.

What would you do with an extra $100 savings per year? Let us know in the comments how you like the program!

Looking for other programs? Be sure to visit our website LifelineCali which is a vast resource for low-income programs such as Comcast @ $9.95 per month, exclusive rebates and discounts from local businesses, information on free government phones, and more!


Be sure to visit for additional content!