Mac Cleanup Utilities – CleanMyMac 3 Review

I’ve recently made the switch back to Mac OS X (got an excellent deal), so I wanted to stay on top of maintenance this time around. I’m going to be exploring some disk partitioning software and backup solutions as well. I’ve got some drives coming in and will update as I go along. The point is to build a dependable system so I don’t have to worry about restoring every month like I’ve become accustomed to. My setup consists of 2 iMacs currently so I’ll also be covering either Synergy or Sharemouse due to having 3 displays.

After some digging I found a few options but I wanted to cover one specifically, CleanMyMac 3. It has a ton of cleanup tools integrated into it, so there was no need to download a separate Uninstall program – for example.

CleanMyMac 3 offers a Free Trial which is a great way to evaluate how fragmented your files really are. I’m going to use my own iMac which just had Yosemite reinstalled. I wanted to do some cleanup before loading up El Capitan or Sierra.

The graphical interface is what’s really beautiful about the program. Here you see my dashboard. Hard drive and memory upgrades are on the way!

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 6.27.09 PM.png

This is nice because it gives you a quick snapshot of your system and what is currently taking up space. I plan on adding an SSD Drive and then running only my applications from it – and my storage will be an external device which mirrors to a Networked backup.

Another great feature is being able to clean up your memory from the status bar. It’s a wonderful monitor which will let you know when your memory is starting to get low and ends up being very effective especially when editing videos.

Another feature I love is being able to uninstall programs. It has a great uninstaller that will completely clean up the Applications you device to remove.

In conclusion: I’ve tested a few different Applications but this by far is the most functional, beautiful, and effect tool I’ve used. While Apple computers are typically pretty good at keeping themselves clean, sometimes they can use a little extra help with maintenance.

Coming Up: I am currently testing different versions of Mac Hard Drive software, I am looking for a great piece of software which will do:
Scheduled Backups

This is a hefty list – I may need to settle without a few features but I’ll be back with a new review soon!