Mystery Shopping – A Complete Guide

     Secret Shopper: a person employed by a manufacturer or retailer to pose as a shopper in order to evaluate the quality of customer service.

Are you interested in visiting some of your favorite stores to evaluate customer service in exchange for reimbursement + pay for your time! Then this is the article for you!

Mystery Shopping is a great part-time project which can easily be done during your regular shopping. The trick is to utilize the tool I’m about to introduce and coordinate your weekend shopping!


  • Reimbursements for oil changes
  • Get paid $20+ for bank audits (pretend to be a new customer)
  • Reimbursements for sunglasses
  • Reimbursements for electronics
  • Sporting goods, World Market, jewelry shops, and more!

A quick run-down of the process is you visit a store and track your location using the Geo-Verify app as well as providing pictures of the business and any materials picked up during your audit. Many require a purchase – however many do not! 
There are many shops which allow you to earn money just by taking notes! Others allow you the opportunity to actually return your product – so you can either keep your purchase or return it to double up!

You’ll want to start by visiting JobSlinger and signing up for a new account. The process is straight-forward so I’ll skip this part. Once you’ve confirmed your e-mail address you will definitely want to take advantage of the 30 Day Jobslinger Plus Trial – this will make coordinating your shops/trips/roadmaps MUCh easier! Also the money made within your first 30 days can easily pay for a year of this service – just follow my directions!

Once you sign up for Plus+ you’ll want to take the tutorial. Take your time and read every aspect and set this part up right. I recommend spending a solid 30-45 minutes on this initial setup – taking time now to properly setup your targets and account info will save valuable time in the future.

You will come to the Setup Wizard which looks like this. You’ll want to really pay attention to the SlingMeMyTargets, and Recruiterator section. This is where you setup your alerts and specify the shops you’re willing to complete. These are the aspects I’m going to focus on.



This is where you’re going to setup your alerts. You have the options for e-mail, text, or both. I have mine set to text me every hour and send e-mails once a day. This is so I can see hourly alerts from anywhere and snag jobs that are highly appealing – and receive 1 daily email with an overall agenda.

Be sure to customize this to your needs. The great thing about new shops is you usually have 3+ days before it actually begins so even though you apply – it may not be required for a few days. This is not always the case – be sure to read entire descriptions!



This is probably the 2nd most important part of organizing your auditing. This is basically a quick overall view of the shops available with filters you designate. I do not know the limit on targets – but I currently have 4 setup. You can see the example below.
1) Set to any shop within 5 miles (for quick bucks/regular shops on daily trips)
2) Set to $20+ shops within 20 miles (2o/20 rule + consideration of adding a shop to local travel)
3) Any shop available within 60 miles (Gives me a view of anything within an hour, spontaneous road trips!)
4) High paying Audits ($50+, usually are video audits)

I’m all for making a quick buck here and there – because at the end of each pay cycle they all add up! These are my preferences because I love to travel and I have seen $200+ shops appear about 120+ miles away which landed perfectly with some of my out of town jobs. A free set of Oakley’s for a 20 minute visit? Sign me up!


Now this is probably the most tedious and lengthy part of your setup. The Recruiterator allows you to quickly sign up for new Secret Shop Companies by inputting your Jobslinger+ data – but as you can see from the list there is a lot! I recommend going through one-by-one and signing up for as many as you can before you get tired of it – be sure to mark where you left off so you can continue in the future. I of course recommend signing up for all of them! This will unlock many more shops and potential earnings. Like I said earlier – a bit of configuration now will save time and effort in the future.

Once you’ve signed up – you’re ready to move on and be presented by a full dashboard which should have a ton of shops in your area. If you live in the larger metro areas you’ll definitely have more shopping opportunities.


After signing up for the new companies you’ll notice a couple items. Some may require you to fill out your Extended Profile or pass tests in the center. You can either knock these out as you sign up – or finish them after you’ve signed up for the companies. Your call! Just remember you may be missing out on some great assignments if you fail to complete these.


Signing up with these providers initially will save you time in the future. When you see the jobs appear on your list you’ll be required to have an account with the provider – you may sign up with them as they pop up however you may miss out on these jobs by taking the time for registration. Preparation is key!

Next: Preparing For Your First Shop


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