Swagbucks – Your Full Guide To Free Money, Products, and Rewards

About Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a website which rewards you for taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, entering sweepstakes, or just earning cash back on purchases you’re already making across various websites. The ultimate goal is market research to evaluate spending habits among consumers, which if you don’t mind sharing your spending habits then this is the site for you! There are many ways to earn money with this site and I’ve tested everything you’re about to see reviewed as well as proof of my payouts and previous purchases. Many reviews which will be on this blog are from items purchased using some form of gift card I’ve received from Swagbucks. I’m going to cover a few different areas with some key strategies on how to maximize your profits and keep an eye out for the best deals. Your dashboard is always changing so be sure to check as often as possible.

Ready to begin? Let’s get started! After you’ve looked over all of the options to receive Swagbucks, be sure to read my follow up on How To Easily Earn 200-300 Swagbucks Per Day!

I suggest creating an entirely new e-mail address using gMail, Yahoo, or whatever your preference is. Use this e-mail only as you’ll be receiving alerts and offers at this address and it’ll also save any password issues in case you’ve signed up for any programs in the past! 


Swagbucks App / Swagbucks TV / Swagbucks Toolbar

It’s a good idea to start by installing the Swagbucks Mobile App. With this app you can earn some free SB (Swagbucks) by performing searches and entering your captcha whenever it pops up. It gives you quick access to surveys and “Discovery” deals (which I’ll cover soon) so you can stay on top of your rewards.

You can earn about 20 SB each day doing searches between the mobile app or replacing your web browser with SB. I would suggest swapping the Search for Swagbucks as it uses Yahoo which will get you buy, but if you’re like me then I will run an actual Google search if I’m in a hurry to get to where I’m going.

A trick using the Swagbucks Toolbar is to just enter your next URL of the website without entering .com.

This will force it to perform a search and generally your domain is at the top of the result and you get a mark towards your searches.

The Swagbucks Toolbar allows you to easily insert Swag Codes which will appear from time to time if you enable desktop notifications, receive e-mail alerts, or follow their page on Facebook. These codes usually last less than 3 hours so be sure to watch out for these alerts. The toolbar also allows you enable cash back so you’ll earn 1-10SB for every dollar you spend depending on the promotion at the time.

My suggestion is to check your Swagbucks account before you make any online purchases. You may be eligible to receive cash back from your next potential purchase




This is where you’ll earn a majority of your Swagbucks. What I have done is install an Auto-Refresh Add-On to my Google Chrome browser and will leave this page up on a half screen and it’ll reload every 10-15 seconds. This allows you to keep on top of recently released surveys which will go quick! I generally aim for 50-200 point surveys which are under 30 minutes. I’ve noticed many of the ones that are 30 minutes or longer tend to mess up towards the end or will crash out on me so I gauge what my time is worth vs the payout. This is the most tedious method when it comes to acquiring bucks, but it is the way to rack them up the fastest.

Gold Surveys are surveys tailored to the answers you’ve given when completing your profile. You’ll notice on the left-hand side you can earn 2SB for every 10 questions answered. DO THIS! And make sure your answers are always consistent because you’ll get more and more surveys specifically for your demographics – which means less time being wasted on surveys you may get disqualified for.

Partner Surveys and Peanut Lab Surveys and are hit and miss. I stick with ones that are 65+ and take less than 20 minutes over here because the scripts seem to kick me out every once in a while. I don’t do a lot of these surveys unless I need to come up with some quick bucks to cash out on the next card.

Daily Poll and Tasks are an easy way to rack up 1-10 Swagbucks per article. Definitely do the Daily Poll – That’s an easy 1 point!


     Discover is a great way to easily earn some cash back if you’re willing to try out new products, sign up for trials, and evaluate services from a variety of different companies. I would definitely suggest starting here if you have some extra coin to born or want to try out some neat products at a great price. Swagbucks gets their piece of the pie by bringing in referrals (you) to try their partners products. Many of these are free and only require a credit card – Just make sure you keep a log of when and where you signed up  and when to cancel! Otherwise you may see some recurring charges on your account if you don’t pay attention.

I’ve been able to jump onto trials of Hulu, Netflix, Gamefly, and several credit rating companies and earning 200-500 a pop without spending a single penny. Pay attention as some do require a $1.95 or so charge to initiate the trial but not all of them do.

  Using this method you could easily turn $10 on your credit card into $20-30 worth of Swagbucks which can be redeemed for a pre-paid Visa if you wished. Not bad right? There are even more ways to earn!

Content Discovery is a very fast way to earn 2SB just for viewing a view slides or taking a quick quiz. You’ll navigate through 5-10 slides which is basically just point and click. If you have a dual monitor setup I highly suggest keeping this tab open on one of them. The longest part on this section is merely waiting for the page to load. You can knock out several of these as a new signup and net 100 SBs in under 20 minutes especially if you have it up on both monitors.

Sign Ups are a quick way to get points by entering your information. These may take a while to reward or not show up at all, so make sure to keep screenshots when possible and once you get to around 10 or so like I do I’ll submit a ticket and usually they get rewarded as long as you retain your proof and dates. Look at the notes section for more on this.

Free Offers will give you bucks for doing more simple tasks like filling out information. Remember again to keep your dates and expected earnings in case they don’t show up. I’ve noticed if I’m not rewarded within 10 minutes then usually there’s an issue with collecting.

Shopping is great if you do a lot of online purchasing. Buying vacation packages through this link earns what seems to be the greatest awards since they’re the most expensive. Clothing is another great way to get some cash back if you’re already in the market.

Donations is pretty self explanatory. Choose the organization of your choice and get rewards for helping others! Also keep an eye out on your Offers page because sometimes they offer $10-20 rewards for signing up!

Mobile Apps are a great and fast way to easily earn even more Swagbucks. All you have to do is install some of these applications and open them – some require you play for a certain amount of time but the rewards are great!

Tasks are a nice way to earn .40 – 1.00$ when you complete the required terms and are a sure way to make some extra coin. I use these most when I need to pickup a few more points to cash out. This is generally the item I use the least amount other than playing games.

Now that you have an overview on the entire program, take a look at the next article:

How To Earn A 100 Swagbucks Daily ($30/mo $300/yr!) Within 1 Hour

Notes: You may want to get into the habit of recording the offers you complete. A screenshot with the expected SB/date Completed as the file title should be fine and has worked out great for me. I generally wait until I have about $5-10 worth of unpaid Swagbucks rewards before I make a ticket. They say you need to contact the companies directly regarding payout, but I’ve yet to find an easy way to contact them directly.

This guide should get you started and well on your way to earning some extra rewards. Using this guide I don’t see why someone couldn’t earn $5 worth of rewards in their first hour as a new customer!

Be sure to visit http://www.LifelineCali.com for updates and promotions!

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