Earn 100 Daily Swagbucks

If you’re reading this then you’ve already (or at least should have) read my initial post explaining what Swagbucks is and how you can earn some extra coins on the side. As a new user you’ll be able to take advantage of practically every offer available! Be sure to make these notes before you continue:

  • Create a new e-mail address specifically for Swagbucks (To avoid spam)
  • Make a new folder to store your screenshot proof when not being paid
  • Use a pre-paid Visa/Mastercard whenever possible (I use AceElite, you can apply for a card here
    The nice thing about AceElite is you can Create Virtual Credit Cards which you can use to sign up for all your trials then cancel it so you don’t have to worry about mysterious charges! I highly recommend utilizing this!
I am going to assume you’re dedicating ONE HOUR to Swagbucks specifically, if you follow these methods you can acquire your goal no problem!
     All set? Let’s get started! Now that you have all of the requirements out of the way let’s start by going to our Swagbucks Dashboard
You have the following choices:
  • Shop
  • Watch
  • Answer
  • Discover
  • Search
  • Play

     Shopping and Discover are best if you’ve got some extra cash to burn and are already in the market for various items or want to check out new products. Trial Pay is very good at paying out instantly and I haven’t had many issues with them unless it’s a dual sign up. I would start here to get your rewards rolling and then come back to this article when you have the extra time.


     1) Let’s start by seeing which Surveys we have available. I find it easiest to knock out the tedious ones first. If you have a few surveys available stop your other projects and focus on getting one or two of these rolling. Having two up means you’ve at least claimed your spot on these surveys and can quickly figure out if you qualify for them or not. Use this method of two at a time and you’ll quickly get a feel for what these companies are looking for and
you’ll be able to weed through the useless ones much faster.
One trick I use is if I have multiple surveys available I click on them all and try to weed through which ones I qualify for and I’ve noticed this method results in receiving more possible Swagbucks. This is where Dual Monitors really comes into play. 



If you don’t have any surveys available right now – leave the window open and install an auto-refresher or manually reload it every few seconds.


     2) Swagbucks TV – This is something I do whenever my tablet isn’t being used. I’ll open up the SBTV app and select a playlist to run in the background. You’re limited to 10SB this way, but that’s an easy 10 cents for just leaving the application open. It’s a good way to discover new movie trailers if you’re a guru like myself, or if you’d like to learn on various topics there are plenty to choose from.
     3) Answer that Daily Poll for your free Swagbuck! Sure it’s only 30 cents a month, but it goes towards your monthly bonus!

     4)Tasks is a final method I use to pickup a few extra points if I’m looking to cash out. Some of them can be tedious so I recommend this as a last resort however you may have entirely different luck than I do. My problem is I could be filling out surveys in the time it took me to complete these items. The payouts are definite with these if you manage to get through the task though, and I haven’t noticed any delays when it comes to tasks which is pretty nice.

And that’s about it to my method of generating Swagbucks. Using these methods have proven highly effective for me (especially lately) with the surveys as it seems Swagbucks is actively seeking out new partners and weeding out ones who don’t pay. I’ve been able to claim a $3 Amazon card almost every other day so far this month – At the least every 3rd day.Just think – 100 x 30 = 3,000 or $30 worth of iTunes, Walmart, Visa, Target, and more gift cards!  At 36,000/yr or $360 annually wouldn’t this make Christmas shopping a bit easier?Be sure to follow or leave a comment and show us your earnings! Once I gain enough traction with helping the Swagbucks community I’ll be doing monthly drawings for gift cards for those who contribute, like, comment, and share our Swagbucks updates!

To give a little incentive and proof, here are my rewards from today and it took about an hour to write this while completing these tasks!

Be sure to visit http://www.LifelineCali.com for more information!

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