Becoming an authorized dealer for the California Lifeline Program is a very easy task. Ideal candidates will have existing sales experience and those with commission-based sales history will flourish with this opportunity. It allows you to set your own hours, choose your locations, and ultimately be your own boss. There’s little-to-no training needed for the program. The most basic requirement of the job? Data entry.

 What is the easiest part of being a Lifeline Agent?

Activating devices is by far the easiest part of the job. You simply verify a new customer’s documents are valid and simply input them into your designated dealer portal and snap two pictures – that’s it! Each application takes less than 5 minutes, and the entire process is usually <10 minutes per customers. You can even submit multiple applications if you have a line of customers for approval in order to expedite your activation process. This is one of the many effective strategies which can be utilized in the field.

 What is the hardest part of being a Lifeline Agent?

Advertising and marketing – quickest answer. The difficulty with this job is ensuring you have a steady flow of customers as well as many resources and outlets to acquire them while effectively promoting your products. This can actually become very easy and consistent once you develop a strategic method to advertise. Consistency is key. A problem I’ve noticed with distributors is they do not have a set location and hours for activating phones – so referred customers arrive at a location and there’s no representative to be found! One of the first items on your agenda should be to find a specific location (or locations) to setup and define specific hours. I’ve found a solid 4 hour shift at every other day of the week can drive customers and fill up your time slot within just a couple of weeks. If you need help with finding your customers – send me an e-mail!


 Why Am I a Lifeline Provider?

There are many, but the main reason is the ability to travel. Growing up in California I was lucky enough to travel all over the state and I continued to find Independent jobs which allowed me to visit cities all around the territory.  This opportunity allows me to visit any city on any given day, walk into a new location and converse with other small business owners about the wonderful benefits of the program, then continue to provide new phones to customers in a brand new area! I’m also able to market my own repair services via Technology Hub in which I offer a vast amount of repairs on technology.

Opportunity for Growth

As a Lifeline provider you will be providing a valuable service to the community, and those on my team with a higher-than-average activation rate will be the first consider for Field Management. Field Management offers the ability to recruit and build your own team in the city of your choice – as long as our providers have service in that area. Field Managers will actively recruit, train, and monitor new Field Representatives and oversee field operations in their given territory. With increased responsibility comes an increase in income potential. The more representatives you actively recruit and support in the field – the higher your commission each week!

You may have questions, concerns, or need some additional help while out in the field. Soon I will be developing a forum for everyone out there in the field to post and discuss their experiences and tips for others. You’re not alone out there, and you’re always welcome to e-mail me or visit the Facebook Page and post any questions.

Looking for other programs? Be sure to visit our website LifelineCali which is a vast resource for low-income programs such as Comcast @ $9.95 per month, exclusive rebates and discounts from local businesses, information on free government phones, and more!

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